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  • Scientific Promotion Committee

    Scientific Promotion University of Technology proud of  its achievements at scientific promotions in teaching, researchers, and services sectors.This commitment is revealed  through the integration of  aspects between the application of  criteria shown at the scientific promotions laws, according to  the policy of Ministery of Higher education and the applications made by the lecturers to grant  their promotion within the time limit. This commitment, quality and performance of the University's academic faculty members are crucial to the success of scientific promotions department. University of technology, which includes academics with a variety of branches is committed to becoming a prominent university through the pursuit of scientific progress of the lecturers to achieve professional and academic development to facilitate, encourage and reward outstanding academic performance and research to attract academics from all over the world to see the latest developments in various engineering branches at the UOT. Central Committee sessions Central Committee for Academic Promotion Forms Guide

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  • Postgraduate Studies

    Activities of the Graduate Studies Department   Archive of the Department of Postgraduate Studies The department of  Postgraduate Studies is considered as one of the most essential supports at the university in which it represents a link between the inputs and the outputs of postgraduate studies. In the Engineering and Scientific Departments of the University in one side and with the presidency of the University and The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the other side. This department is participating in solving all obstacles and facilitating all problems that encounter students during their career, starting from accepting them in postgraduate studies till granting them certificates. This procedure would be fulfilled through cooperation among the Vicepresident President for Scientific Affairs of The University, Heads of the Departments, Scientific Assistants of the Heads and the Postgraduate studies sections in the departments in which they all present an interwoven and complete joint at the University.   Prof. Dr. Abdulhassan A. Karamallah Head of Postgraduate Studies Department    

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  • Department of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations


Education and Planning

 Studies and Planning Department:

The department was established in 2020 according to the command 46/8 in 13/01/2020. Owing to the circumstances of Corona virus disruption and its consequences, the department initiated its work in 22/10/2020 in a building nearby the central library.



  • Enhancing the visibility and the positioning of the University
  • Commitment to excellence in teaching and continuous improvement of scientific programs and strategic plans
  • Ensuring excellence in teaching and learning
  • Support building capacity programs
  • Introducing smart and technology-based services



To establish an academic, research, and institutional environments, which internationally recognized and accredited. Also, to attaining higher ranking among national and regional universities.



  • Prepare, execute, and regularly monitoring the academic and strategic plans for the departments and research centers.
  • Building, and regularly updating, database systems of academic activities and scientific achievements and statistically analyze the collected data to provide better insight for stakeholders.
  • Support faculty members in the use of innovative teaching approaches
  • Ensure implementation of academic integrity policy and its procedure
  • Revising the administrational structures of the university constitutes and building the regulating flowcharts
  • Updating and monitoring the development of curriculum as recommended by the global developments and according to the requirements of sustainability.
  • Preparing the administrational, technical, and scientific functions


Organizational structure of the department:

The department encompasses three sections and as illustrated in the figure below:












  Discussion Session Psychological counseling and educational guidance division, in cooperation
20 February 2022
  Discussion Session Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division, in cooperation
20 February 2022
  Discussion Session Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division, in cooperation
20 February 2022
  Discussion Session Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division, in cooperation
20 February 2022
  Discussion Session Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division, In cooperation
20 February 2022
     In the presence of Prof.Dr. Alaa Abdul Hassan Atiya, the assistant of the scientific affairs 
22 May 2019

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