Activities of the Graduate Studies Department


Archive of the Department of Postgraduate Studies

The department of  Postgraduate Studies is considered as one of the most essential supports at the university in which it represents a link between the inputs and the outputs of postgraduate studies. In the Engineering and Scientific Departments of the University in one side and with the presidency of the University and The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the other side.

This department is participating in solving all obstacles and facilitating all problems that encounter students during their career, starting from accepting them in postgraduate studies till granting them certificates.

This procedure would be fulfilled through cooperation among the Vicepresident President for Scientific Affairs of The University, Heads of the Departments, Scientific Assistants of the Heads and the Postgraduate studies sections in the departments in which they all present an interwoven and complete joint at the University.


Prof. Dr. Abdulhassan A. Karamallah

Head of Postgraduate Studies Department