Vision and Mission


The establishment of the department is due to the establishment of the University of Technology in 1975. The department established the foundations for  improving tutoring and providing the university with the new faculty  staff in addition to  raising the required scientific efficiency through the application of the term and academic  scientific plans by dispatching the faculty staff for scientific degrees and sabbatical researches . The Department of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations is concerned with many important activities by regulating the procedures through two effective units: the Scientific Affairs Unit and the Cultural Relations Unit.


The Department of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations represents the official authority  of the University of Technology  as the link between the university  and various institutions of the Iraqi society in general ,academic and  educational institutions in particular to achieve a number of objectives as follows:

  1. communication and cooperation with different institutions in Iraq by finding mechanisms of coordination to strengthen the role of the university in leading the process of building reconstructing within all sectors of Iraq.

  2. Enhancing the university role in supporting the scientific research movement and supporting the creativity and innovation.
  3. Documenting the activities, scientific activities and cultural conferences and seminars, visits of delegations to the university by submitting detailed reports to the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

  4. Looking forward to establish scientific concepts in order to improve the scientific progress of the university to the higher ranks of developed countries.
  5. Establishing an extensive and comprehensive information database that shows the departments in the university the scientific levels and indicators of progress.

  6. Achieving future plans in the field of education and scientific research within an academic, political framework based on the need of the labor market.
  7. Following up the admission of postgraduate students , the duration of their studies , their graduation from foreign universities and communicate with the cultural departments abroad in addition to the following up and circulating the ministry regulations to the university departments and centers .
  8. Publishing university legislations for dispatches, sabbatical leaves, and scholarships.
  9. Concluding agreements and memorandums of understanding between universities of Technology and Iraqi, Arab and foreign universities in addition to following up the implementation of their provisions.

  10. Organizing the academic, scientific information files for the university students admitted abroad for the postgraduate studies (master's and doctorate degrees).
    11. Following-up the regulations circulated by the Ministry of higher education, including the instructions of postgraduate studies, then circulating these regulations to the university departments to work accordingly.
  11. Publishing university regulations for granting sabbatical leaves, extension and completion the transactions of undergraduate students (bachelor degree) accepted within the channel of excellence.

  12. Communicating with professors abroad and studying the possibility of hosting them at the University of Technology.