research and development

Activities of the Research and Development Division




The insight of the Research and Development office has been inspired by the need to enhance and develop the various scientific activities and research work of the University of Technology. The R&D office works on creating and promoting all the necessary requirements so that the University of Technology is being classified within high ranked institutions. Perusing the targets demands a strong determination and focus to generate a distinct and integrated atmosphere by applying advanced technology and engineering concepts befitting the UOT level.




The basic mission of the Research and Development office is to discover the obstacles and problems in the UOT departments and divisions and find the most appropriate solutions. One of the R & D office basics is to link the University’s departments together in order to share thoughts and suggestions about the challenges to boost the teamwork concept.




The objectives of the R & D office are focused on:


1- Evaluating the University research work and activities by doing a periodic test.


 2- Developing the University faculty capabilities by scheduling a series of workshops and informative lectures presented by pioneer professors. 


3- Upgrading the University research work through opening widely on the most recent topics.


4- Planning of the University research strategy and working on generating a consulting board for that.