Education and Planning

 Studies and Planning Department:

The department was established in 2020 according to the command 46/8 in 13/01/2020. Owing to the circumstances of Corona virus disruption and its consequences, the department initiated its work in 22/10/2020 in a building nearby the central library.



  • Enhancing the visibility and the positioning of the University
  • Commitment to excellence in teaching and continuous improvement of scientific programs and strategic plans
  • Ensuring excellence in teaching and learning
  • Support building capacity programs
  • Introducing smart and technology-based services



To establish an academic, research, and institutional environments, which internationally recognized and accredited. Also, to attaining higher ranking among national and regional universities.



  • Prepare, execute, and regularly monitoring the academic and strategic plans for the departments and research centers.
  • Building, and regularly updating, database systems of academic activities and scientific achievements and statistically analyze the collected data to provide better insight for stakeholders.
  • Support faculty members in the use of innovative teaching approaches
  • Ensure implementation of academic integrity policy and its procedure
  • Revising the administrational structures of the university constitutes and building the regulating flowcharts
  • Updating and monitoring the development of curriculum as recommended by the global developments and according to the requirements of sustainability.
  • Preparing the administrational, technical, and scientific functions


Organizational structure of the department:

The department encompasses three sections and as illustrated in the figure below: