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    Archive of the Department of Postgraduate Studies Scientific Promotion University of Technology proud of  its achievements at scientific promotions in teaching, researchers, and services sectors.This commitment is revealed  through the integration of  aspects between the application of  criteria shown at the scientific promotions laws, according to  the policy of Ministery of Higher education and the applications made by the lecturers to grant  their promotion within the time limit. This commitment, quality and performance of the University's academic faculty members are crucial to the success of scientific promotions department. University of technology, which includes academics with a variety of branches is committed to becoming a prominent university through the pursuit of scientific progress of the lecturers to achieve professional and academic development to facilitate, encourage and reward outstanding academic performance and research to attract academics from all over the world to see the latest developments in various engineering branches at the UOT.

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  • Department of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations

    Archive of the Department of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations     

Local Agreements & MOUs


No. Type of document FIRST PARTY SECOND PARTY Date of signature

Duration of the contract

( per Year)
Date of expiry
1 MOU Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department Kut University College 5-3-2014 5 5-3-2019
2 MOU THE UNIVERSITY The Iraqi Intelligence Service 25-5-2015 5 16-8-2021
3 MOU THE UNIVERSITY  University of Sulaymaniyah  16-8-2016  5  16-8-2021
5 MOU  THE UNIVERSITY represented by the Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department Ministry of Communications represented by the Higher Institute of Communications and   26-1-2017   3 26-1-2020 
6 SCIENTIF IC COOPERATION MECHANISM  ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT  Baghdad Municipality / Department of Planning and Follow-up  10-5--2017   1 10-5-2018 
7  MECHANISM OF COOPERATION Electromechanical Engineering Department   General Company for Grain Manufacturing / Ministry of Commerce 23-5-2017  23-5-2020 
8 MOU  Department of Chemical Engineering  Faculty of Engineering and Oil - University of Tikrit  3-8-2017  3-8-2021 
9 MOU   Department of Chemical Engineering University of College  Future / Babylon University   21-8-2017 21-8-2020 
10 MUTUAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT  Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy  Military Industries Company / Ministry of Industry and Minerals   12-10-2017 3  12-10-2020
11 MOU THE UNIVERSITY represented by the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries / Ministry of Industry 15-2-2018 3 15-2-2021
12 MOA  THE UNIVERSITY   Ministry of Interior / Command of the Federal Police Forces 8-4-2018   8-4-2020
14 MOU  THE UNIVERSITY  Oil Ministry   23-9-2018  23-9-2021
15  MEMORANDUM OF MUTUAL COOPERATION ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT  General Industries Company of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals  15-10-2018  undetermined   undetermined
16 MOU  MATERIALS ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT  Directorate of Civil Defense   Under negotiation    
17 MOU  THE UNIVERSITY represented by the MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT  Air Force Command   Under negotiation    
18 MEMORANDUM OF MUTUAL ACADEMIC AND PRACTICAL COOPERATION   Electrical Engineering Department  The Ministry of Electricity Under negotiation     
19 MEMORANDUM OF COOPERATION  Electrical engineering  Diyala University / Faculty of Engineering / Department of Power Engineering and Electrical Machinery  Under negotiation     
20 MEMORANDUM OF COOPERATION  Department of Chemical Engineering  University of Diyala / Faculty of Engineering  Under negotiation     
21  MECHNISM OF SCIENTIFIC COOPERATION  Department of Architecture Baghdad Municipality  Under negotiation     
22  MOU  Department of Chemical Engineering Al-Faris General Company / Ministry of Industry and Minerals  Under negotiation     
23  MECHANISM OF COOPERATION Center for Energy and Renewable Energies Technology  The Ministry of Electricity   Under negotiation    
24 Establishing and hosting the Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning website   Department of Architecture Nas Al-Iraq Company Computer Services   Under negotiation    
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